About Are We Good.

Welcome to “Are We Good?” – the podcast that brings you real talk from real teens! Meet your hosts, Indi Star and Corinne Joy, two fearless teenage girls on a mission to navigate the ups and downs of adolescence with wit, wisdom, and a whole lot of energy!

Indi Star, with her infectious enthusiasm and down-to-earth personality, is your go-to gal for all things pop culture, fashion, and social media trends. With her finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not, Indi fearlessly explores the world of influencers and internet culture, guiding listeners through the ever-changing landscape of teenage interests.

Now, hold on tight, because Corinne Joy is the wild and rambunctious counterpart to Indi’s cool vibes! Bursting with passion and a daredevil spirit, Corinne takes you on a rollercoaster ride of excitement as she dives into topics that matter most to teens today. From thrilling adventures to daring escapades, Corinne’s all about pushing boundaries and having a blast.

Together, Indi and Corinne create a dynamic duo, sparking engaging conversations, sharing personal stories, and inviting guests who are making a splash in the lives of young people. Their dynamic chemistry and genuine friendship create a vibrant space where listeners can feel seen, heard, and pumped up!

“Are We Good?” isn’t just about the glossy surface of teenage life; it’s about diving headfirst into the real issues that young people face. From dealing with challenges to embracing individuality with rebellious flair, Indi and Corinne tackle it all with empathy and a whole lot of high-spirited fun.

This podcast isn’t just for teens—it’s for anyone who wants to experience life with an adrenaline rush! Indi and Corinne believe in pushing boundaries, breaking down barriers, and creating a supportive community where everyone can come together to learn, grow, and experience the thrill of being alive.

So, buckle up and get ready for an electrifying journey as we laugh, cry, and question whether we’re really good. If you’re ready to ride the rollercoaster of teenage life tune in to “Are We Good?” for adrenaline-pumping discussions and a whole lot of excitement. Let’s embrace this wild adventure together!